Forget Coffins! This Company Will Infuse You Into Beautiful Glass Creations When You Die

If funerals aren’t your thing (and why would they be) then these unique memorials are something you might really want to look into.

A group of talented artists from a little company known as Spirit Pieces assembles and carefully handcrafts paperweights infused with cremains to memorialize your loved ones, whether they be four-legged friends who have passed on, beloved relatives or friends.

The idea for the beautifully crafted cremation glass art came to owner Dave Blake after his grandmother passed away in 2009 and the cemetery wasn’t quite what Blake had imagined.

Disillusioned by his grandmother’s burial site, he began studying how various cultures memorialize their loved ones and came to the conclusion that “our society had lost an artistic connection with the end of life.” After this realization, Blake began focusing on his company to offer those grieving an alternative solution.

Each piece is easy to order and the company provides concise directions on how to get your loved one’s remains safely and securely to the artists.

Each piece of glass art can be customized by color and design and you’ll have it back infused with your loved one’s remains in at least 3 weeks.

Spirit Pieces will allow you to combine ashes as well including hair and other ashes.



Flower explosion

Clear bubble

Tree of Life with orbs

They have a wide range of designs and colors to choose from


Sleeping cat

You can find out more information including how to purchase over on Spirit Pieces’s website.

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