These Luxurious $2 Million Floating Homes Can Withstand Category 4 Hurricanes

Florida is a great state to live in if you love life outdoors. There’s nothing quite like waking up to a view of the ocean or that ocean breeze. But, the thing about Florida is unpredictable weather and hurricanes.

Because of its amazing tropical climate, it’s often in the direct path of potentially disastrous storms. After Hurricane Irma slammed the state this year, architects went into overdrive.

They thought of new concepts for living spaces that could withstand Category 4 hurricanes and rising water levels during intense storms.

This new type of solar-powered home is just one example. This “livable yacht” home would be built to withstand 165 mph winds and even rising sea levels by bobbing with the water.

Koen Olthuis, together with Arkup, a housing startup, presented their innovative concept at Fort Lauderdale’s International Boat Show. It’s dubbed the “liveable yacht.” Check it out.

Each home is equipped with hydraulic jack-up systems which stabilize and raise the home 40 feet in the air to prevent flooding.

Their luxury homes called livable yachts.

Each home can be customized and powered by solar panels on the roof.

The first prototype is expected to be completed by 2018 on the Miami River.

Waterstudio has been designing similar type homes for the past ten years. Below is a completed home located off the coast of De Hoef, in the Netherlands.

Concept design for floating hotel or villa in Dubai.

Now I just need to win the lottery…

Now I just need to win the lottery!

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