Dude Who Looks Like Joel Osteen Hilariously Crashes A Joel Osteen Event

We found Joel Osteen’s doppelganger and he’s absolutely brilliant. Michael Kimkowski is the actor behind the mayhem that took place at the Forum in California.

As the audience was filing into a Joel Osteen event, Michael lallygagged around the place and fooled gullible people into thinking he was the Joel Osteen.

Michael bypassed security, took several selfies, shouted a few dozen amens, and nearly made it onto the stage before someone finally figured out he was an impersonator.

Quite a bit of people fell for his charm and he very well could have made it on stage. Security finally got wind of his tactics and things probably didn’t end too well for Michael — but it was so worth it.

Amen, God Bless, and Go Stros!!
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