Lost GoPro Found Two Years Later With Incredible Footage Of The Earth From Space

When five friends set out to capture stunning views of the earth using a GoPro and a cell phone attached to a weather balloon, they were sadly disappointed.

As it glided off into the sky above Arizona they ended up losing contact with it when it drifted off too far, and just when they thought all of their attempts were made in vain, a hiker saved the day.

The hiker spotted the group’s balloon about 50 miles from the launch site with their names in a box still attached to it. He contacted the group to let them know he’d found their project and the data was remarkable.

It took calculating its trajectory, registering the device with the FAA, and attaching a smartphone to it to track its location, so losing it was surely devastating given the work put into its journey. The balloon reached 98,644 feet for a total time of 1 hour and 38 minutes. Here are the stunning images the team captured.

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