Artist Incredibly Creates Miniature Worlds Using Everyday Objects

It takes a true artist to magnify the seemingly trivial daily routines us humans subscribe to and turn them into marvelous works of art.

Artist Tatsuya Tanaka does just that with his miniature works of dazzling creations that have garnered quite of bit of attention online.

The talented artist captures the minutiae of walking a dog, skiing, vacationing on a tropical island somewhere, to fishing using the most unlikely of objects. A sponge that represents an ocean; a boiled egg yolk that represents a steam bath; and rice that represents a killer wave can all be found in Tanaka’s marvelous gallery of tiny worlds.

Tanaka has gained a wide following for these Small Wonders and even plans to release a book titled “Small Wonders – Life in Miniature”. Here’s a glimpse into over 2,000 scenes of these wonderfully small worlds.

You can check out more from Tanaka and purchase his book over on Amazon.

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