Man Amazingly Recreates A Van Gogh Painting With Plants In A 1.2-Acre Field

Just imagine seeing a incredibly detailed Van Gogh painting as you’re flying into or out of the Minneapolis airport.

66-year-old artist, Stan Herd, transformed a 1.2 acre field near the Thomson Reuters campus into Van Gogh’s famous 1889 “Olive Trees.”

“It’s an iteration of Van Gogh’s painting writ large in native plants and materials,” Herd told Star Media.

“It never looks like I want it to…I bit off a lot here, to try to pull this off. A few of the plants were eaten by deer, and a few were blown over. But that’s the dance of nature,” he added in a separate interview with MPRNews.

Olive Trees by Vincent Van Gogh

Herd has been doing these types of artworks or ‘earthworks’ since 1981

His most recent project took six months and spans 1.2 acres.

Plenty of mowing, digging and planting were involved which were all sponsored by the Minneapolis Institute of Art

The exhibit has since been mowed down, but check out the video of the entire process along with cool aerial shot of the piece.

The project was commissioned by the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and you can check out more of Herd’s work over on his website.

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