This Amazing Stop Motion Halloween Pumpkin Carving Video Took Years To Make

This has got to be the best stop-motion pumpkin carvings on the internet.

We’ve seen some people get extremely creative (and competitive) when it comes to carving pumpkins and this was no exception.

Tons of pumpkins were used and photographed in order to bring this stop-motion clip to life.

Sean Ohlenkamp and Rob Popkinp produced the video and shared the details of how strenuous the project was.

Hundreds of pumpkins and a few years later…

“Many pumpkins were photographed twice. First as a nicely lit, carving-free plate,” wrote the duo.

“We often projected images onto the pumpkins to improve consistency between frames, but due to each pumpkin’s unique curves, it often took just putting it in front of the camera to check alignment.”

It took a few years to achieve the final product thanks to busy lives and the technicality of it all, but we’re glad it was brought to fruition.

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