29 Vintage Ads That Would Definitely Be Banned Today

Times sure have changed. What was acceptable in advertising 50 years ago is no longer the case.

There’s no way any of these vintage ads would fly today and it’d probably spark outrage on Twitter if they ever aired or were published.

Nonetheless, it’s interesting to go back and check out vintage ads that’d be banned today to contrast and compare.

It’s kind of amazing how no one thought twice about Santa smoking a Lucky Strike cigarette back then. Who knows what would happen if that ran today.

Get ready for “Mad Men” nostalgia while browsing through this gallery of vintage ads. Some are a bit shocking, but hey, times were drastically different back then. Take a look.

1. Kellogg’s Pep Vitamins

2. N.K. Fairbank Co. Soap

3. Chase and Sanborn Coffee

4. Toothache Drops by Lloyd Mfg. Co.

5. Chlorinol Soda Bleaching

6. Camels

7. Camels

8. Tipalet

9. Kenwood

10. Lucky Strike

11. Camel

12. Palmolive

13. Van Heusen

14. Orange Crush Soda

15. Weyenberg

16. Love Cosmetics

17. Leggs

18. Gillette

19. Drummond Sweaters

20. Total

21. Hardee’s

22. Pitney Bowes

23. SEGA

24. Co-Le Sales Company

25. Grove’s Chill Tonic

26. F.S.C.

27. Elliot Paint And Varnish

28. Mornidine

29. Captain Morgan

30. WD-40 (Unverified / Possibly Fake)

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